Why Serviam

Serviam consulting is an independent ‘consultancy’ and now expanding as the ‘Training Agency’. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the very best advice possible; through careful recruitment of consultants as well we extend our services to overall growth as an individual too. With the right blend of knowledge and hands-on experiences, enabling them to help clients cut through complex technology issues and sees their true potential as the integral part of company without losing their own essence.

Trainer On Board

Shazia Parveen 

Shazia is one of the renowned theatre practitioners, Poet and educationist from Delhi; she has 11 years of hands-on experience as a Personality Development Trainer. She has worked as the Founder member of MLZS a leading chain of Zee Learn Education Group, English explorers, Julia Gabriel Singapore, Pathways as a full time Educationist.

She has her expertise as the program curator according to need of the company and designed modules for Dramabaaz. Co, Joy of Drama, Republic of Education, Pathways (CSP). She has worked under leadership of Mr. Kuntal Dutta, Mr. Pradeep Pille, Ms. Nitya Ramanandan Swami, Actor Vineet Sharma. She is part of actor factor theatre group as well.

Shazia is nationally and internationally recognized trainer on board certified by Trinity College London. Her thesis on Child Psychology has been recognized as one of the best from Julia Gabriel Centre of learning (Singapore, Jakrata). She has worked upon new concepts of mind mapping, web mapping of emotions as a core part of personality.


Professional Cert. in Communication Skills from Trinity College London with Distinction


Diploma in Grade 8 Speech and Drama Skills with Distinction


Cert. Grade 5 in communication skills with Distinction


Julia Gabriel Teaching Foundation Course


Trained to conduct interdisciplinary modules inculcating the conceptual understanding through drama (International Baccalaureate Category 3 Trained Trainer)

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